Denna helg var Robert sugen på att cruisa genom Sotenäs-kanalen. Sagt och gjort så styrde vi färden mot Hunnebostrand. Efter Islandsberg blev det fin segling upp till Fisketången.

I Hunnebostrand är det förstås pizza på Bella Gästis som gäller, och till detta avnjutes gärna en öl eller flera…

Det var förvånsvärt många båtar i hamnen. men inte särskilt svårt att hitta en ledig långsidesplats.


På söndagen stävade vi återigen genom Soten-kanalen , men efter det fick vi en jättefin segling mot Ellös.


En reaktion på ”Hunnebostrand

  1. Marjory Ryan 3 maj, 2018 / 00:06

    Elvine crew we are so happy to follow your adventures! We are also sad that we will not be in Sweden this year to see you in person but reading your blog is the next best thing.

    We are still waiting for ice to leave our marina so that Freyja can be put in the water and mast put up. She has been inside storage these long, cold winter months (longer than usual). She arrived here 5 days before 6 inches of snow fell and it has been a difficult winter since. It will most likely be end of May before she is in the water and we do some test sails in our Duluth Minnesota area to make sure everything works before we sail 80 miles to the Apostle Islands, Bayfield Wisconsin where she is docked in the summer months. When we finally get to sail her I will post pictures on a blog as you do.

    We have spent the winter filling Freyja with things from our old boat, trying to remember the information that Jonas told us about and having solar panels installed on the spray hood. The panels are on but the electrical still needs to be connected.

    It is fun to follow your adventure now that we have just a little better idea of your sailing area. Someday we dream that we will return to Sweden and really have a chance to enjoy all those lovely islands and awesome towns.

    Your fans,
    Marj and Mike
    Freyja crew



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